Must-have features of an online learning platform

Must-have features of an online learning platform

The Edtech space is growing leaps and bounds and it shows no signs of slowing down. Innovation and creativity have contributed to the growth of the online learning platform. A majority of the online learning platforms embrace the latest and trending technologies. In India too, a hand full of them have taken advantage of the state-of-the-art technologies and have gone on to be counted as one of the India's best online learning platforms. Also known by the name of learning management system LMS, the online learning platform is rather incomplete without a few features. Here’s taking a look at a few of the must-have features which we believe can go on to make the e-learning platform complete. In no order of importance, we have listed a few of the must-have features of an online learning platform.

An online learning platform must be user-friendly

We must understand that learners at different levels will use the platform. While some of them will be quick to adopt technology, the others will be slow to get used to the new way of learning. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to make the online learning platform user-friendly. While developing the platform, the designer must keep the end-user in mind. Everything that is related to the learning platform, right from the log-in, to the navigation, to being able to find the right resources, the online learning platform must be able to cater to all levels of learners. In a nut shell, the e-learning platform must be designed and developed in such a way to ensure that all learns who access the platform are on the same page. When users are comfortable using the e-learning platform, the contented users will automatically refer the online learning platform to other users as well. Great care must be taken to design the platform. Attention must be paid to minute details. Before the online learning platform is live, it must be tried, tested and errors must be rectified. The success of the e-learning platform can be determined by making observations of the user engagement on the platform. One of the best online tutors when asked what makes him the best online tutor, he gave credit to the user-friendly e-learning platform that he uses. 

An online learning platform must be able to provide its users with maximum resources 

No user of the online learning platform will like the idea of searching through other external resources for literature and study material. Thus, it is ideal to make sure that the user has access to all study related material in one platform only. This will enable the user to spend more time with the online learning platform on one hand, and on the other hand the respective e-learning platform will also double up as a one-stop solution for academic information, making it a storehouse of literature. Additionally, if the learner is unable to grasp the study idea from one of the resources that is present at the e-learning platform, the user can access another resource that is present in the same online learning platform, without having to search any external source. 

An online learning platform must be faceable long term

Technology these days get out-dated at a rather fast pace. A lot of money, time and manpower is invested in the technology to ensure that it delivers the desired results and most importantly, a new Edtech product is designed and developed for long term usage. The same holds good for online learning platform. Any e-learning tool or platform is introduced keeping in mind that it will serve the users for a long term. No one likes to invest in a platform and watch it get outdated in a couple of years. Thus, the team who is involved in designing, developing and launching an Edtech platform must necessarily keep in mind the survival of the platform. Right from scratch, the latest technology that can stand the test of time must be incorporated while building the online learning platform. Furthermore, the e-learning platform must be constructed in such a way that the trending technological updates can be incorporated effortlessly, thus making it on par with the latest trends in the sector. This activity can be time consuming. However, it is worth the time and effort invested. 

Here’s a checklist of things not to miss out on before while deciding on the must-have features on an online learning platform

  • The online learning platform is created for the user. It is advised to put yourself in the shoes of the user. This will help in understanding what the user will experience while using the e-learning platform. 
  • An e-learning platform must be as original as it can be. Users are quick to notice duplications if any. It is advised to stick to the original design, concept and flow of the online learning platform. 
  • It is necessary that the e-learning platform is successful in engaging the users. This contributes towards the success of an online learning platform. If users discover no reason to be engaged either through the content or through the activity on the e-learning website, the respective user will take no time to switch to another platform which offers the same services. 
  • Periodically, it is advised to make amendments in the online learning platform. Change will keep the users happy using the platform. 

Lastly it is important to understand the users’ experience. The online learning platform is designed for the user. Changes and tweeks can be made according to the suggestions that are made by the user. This will leave the user more than happy in using the online learning platform.