FindTuto is a platform for students, tutors and institutions to connect with each other.

With the help of FindTuto, students can look for teachers based on their requirements and tutors can provide learning to students all across the world and gain a larger audience.

For Students

Yes, it is completely free for students. They can explore for innumerable courses and tutors.

Follow the steps to find a tutor-
   Step 1: Type the required course in the search box.
   Step 2: Fill the required details and we will lead you to various tutor profiles that suit your criterion the best.
   (We recommend tutors and institutes with a verified profile)

To contact tutors or institutes near you, you may choose a preferred locality applying the location filter and you'll get a list of available tutors or institutes in your neighborhood.

Go to your tutor's profile, rate or write them a review in the space provided on their dashboard.

Students cannot change their profile to tutor profile with the same registered number. You can use a different number to do so.
You may also mail us and get in touch with the support team to change your profile.

Students can spread the word about FindTuto and their tutors through various social media platforms. (Here's our link: www.findtuto.com)

For Tutors

Click on "Sign up as a Tutor" to register and update your profile.

As a tutor, you can provide a brief description about your knowledge and your teaching skills. You may also add certificates and documents to enhance your profile.

Tutors can get themselves verified by uploading their ID proof documents and certificates on the dashboard. Our team will test the uploaded documents and verify your profile. In case the process takes longer, contact us at support@findtuto.com.

Lead packages will help your profile gain visibility to a larger number of students.

In case of any difficulties with payment, contact us at support@findtuto.com to get the issue resolved.

Please contact at support@findtuto.com for deactivation of your account.