India's largest learning platforms make big impact globally

India's largest learning platforms make big impact globally

The COVID-19, as well as its newly found strain Omicron, has resulted in schools, colleges, universities and institutions shutting down all across the globe. If a reliable finding is anything to go by, 1.2 billion children are out of access to physical classrooms. Consequently, education has undergone a radical transformation with several e-learning platforms emerging, whereby teaching has taken the remote route built on digital tech platforms. Research indicates that e-learning has the power to enhance information retention and improve learning capabilities as a result. All said and done the COVID pandemic is here to say, and moving online is the way forward, if not everything.

With this abrupt shift away from the traditional learning environment in several parts of the world, if you’re an educator, you’re maybe wondering whether adopting online learning will continue to wade through post-pandemic and if such a paradigm would affect the global edu market.

Truth be told, some of India’s largest online learning platforms are making waves globally.  Not long before COVID-19 surfaced, schools and institutions had witnessed high adoption and growth rate of education technology, or Edu tech, with global investments hitting US$19 billion in 2019, with the overall Edu tech market slated to reach $350 Billion by 2025 in terms of funding. The top learning platforms in India include a mix of video conferencing tools, learning apps or online learning software, virtual tutoring or coaching and use of communication tools like Zoom, Google Meet, etc., that have been witnessing peak usage since the outbreak of the pandemic. Many online platforms have been reported having witnessed a 200 per cent increase in the number of users or adopters. That’s a massive jump from the pre-pandemic condition, and this trend continues to dominate the e-learning space disrupting the traditional learning environment. Many teaching platforms in India are increasing capabilities to offer a one-stop platform for both students as well as teachers. There is also a need for such platforms to romp up its engineering capabilities and server infrastructure to ensure consistent connectivity and interface. Only rapid capacity expansion, according to most experts, can support large remote-based tasks without potential bottlenecks.

The future of learning

Whilst many believe that the future of learning will be e-learning based, some others strongly envisage the emergence of hybrid learning mode, a combination of online and conventional learning programmes. But it goes without saying that online education will go on to become a crucial cog in the wheel of the future. Most teaching platforms in India stuck to their task of helping teachers, tutors and coaches reach out to as many students as possible in the most efficient way through video calls, chat groups, document sharing and also voting, particularly during the COVID pandemic.

The future of online learning of course lies in a concerted and conscious effort to offer a more collaborative space and tools and capabilities that bolster the same. Engagement is another area that e-learning platforms should improve as there is always more to learn things the way they are. Personalization, though often an overlooked area, can be a key factor that could substantially increase the adoption of online learning platforms.

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