Best ways to find a Tutor

Best ways to find a Tutor

Before we deal with the topic in hand, let us put things straight, there is no one best way to find a tutor. You should adopt multiple ways to find a tutor, whether online or offline. All said and done finding a tutor can be nightmarish for many. Whether you’re able to find tutor for all or select subjects, either online or offline, there are infinite options. Most tutors are highly qualified; others may have limited expertise and experience. There are of course other factors to consider including cost, convenience and teaching style before choosing a tutor. With the problem of too many choices, it could be hard to find the best fit. This blog will throw some light on whether you’re looking to find a local tutor or a tutor online. Plus, we offer advice on how to screen potential candidates and offer tips on best ways to find a tutor.

Where to find a tutor 

When it comes to finding a tutor, there are different sources: local, virtual and in-person options to scour through a range of candidates. Here’s how you can leverage your local resources and options available to find private tutor.

Use an online learning service platform

Online learning platforms such as Findtuto are an excellent way to check both short-term as well long term tutoring support. These sites offer tutors, students and institutions with accurate results drilled-down to the last bit of detail depending upon their needs. You can find personalized tutoring sessions and a wide range of pricing discounts and deals for monthly or annual plans.  You’ll be able to find tutors for a range of subjects including science, mathematics, engineering, arts, music, social science, business & economics and whatnot.  If you’re struggling to find home tutor, these online tutoring platforms should help you find a local tutor as these are usually interconnected across India, therefore you won’t be restricted to only local tutors. 

Also, you don’t have to work yourself hard into finding the best online tutors in India. First choose a good online tutoring platform if you want to find a tutor online in person. With a suitable platform, you can easily hustle yourself or your child from tutoring classes or make payments. Online tutoring platforms can manage details to the last point for listing the best way to find a tutor. Whilst there are sites that help you find the right tutor from a database, there are others that are built with certain search criteria which perform a search operation, and throw results depending upon the keywords.

Payments are completed fast and secure online, and sessions are conducted virtually. This can save valuable time and help students prepare even if they are involved in last-minute studies, yet offer long-term support. You’ll find many online learning platforms that also provide safety commitments and a dedicated support team.

Reach out to school

Schools serve students in many ways in addition to the learning imparted.  You can get in touch with your child’s tutor or counsellor on the choice of tutors. The staff member can enlighten their wards about after-school group study programs tailored to help students deal with challenges in learning math, science, etc. Many schools have designed test prep study sessions during break-time and after-school to groom students for Ivy League and higher education courses. 

Findtuto has partnered with a number of schools across the country to provide tutoring for different grade levels and a gamut of subjects and topics. If your child requires expert tutoring, all you need to do is reach out to us as we provide the right tutoring option without burning your pockets.

Besides study groups, a counsellor would be able to throw more light on the recommended strategies on your kid’s learning style. They can also recommend private tutors available locally or options for peer tutoring for learning assistance in common subject topics.

Peer tutoring option

Word-of-mouth marketing still works in a world of information dominated by social and alternate media for the best way to find a tutor. One of the most effective ways to find a good tutor is by asking the right question to the right individuals including your kid’s classmates or searching with your trusted network. You may also be acquainted with a friend or relative who can display exceptional subject matter expertise and enable you or your child to grasp the subjects easily. Alternatively, if you’re in high school or college, you can talk to your seniors or high-performers in your class if they could assist you after school.

The above arrangements are ideally suited if you’re looking for short-term tutoring. But that isn’t the point. If you’re searching for the right tutors for your child over the longer haul, it is recommended to first discuss the payment structure outright and schedule before you kick-start things.

Qualities you must look for in a tutor

Subject Matter Expertise:

This is the most important quality to look for in a tutor. You must remember that a tutor who can be an expert in primary school level math may not necessarily be good at handling high school math and that is the difference. As a parent, you need to be extremely careful about the choice of tutors. 


This is one of the key factors that will play a role in deciding the choice of tutors, whether online or offline. Does the tutor have the required experience to help the student master the required subjects? Does he or she have the ability to clarify subject doubts? Does he or she have the patience to understand the grasping level of the students and act accordingly? Can the tutor spend long-term with the student? Or is he or she short-sighted about the overall future of the student? These questions and some more will help you and your child make an informed decision in the choice of tutors. 

Learning Style:

Every tutor may have different learning styles, and for that matter, every student may have different learning styles as well auditory cues, visual aids (diagrams, drawing, sketches, doodles) or written explanations. More recently, concepts can also be taught using infographics. You need to understand your child’s learning style first so as to match the adaptability of the tutor.  For primary level students, expect tutors to use learning aids, including math counters or blocks, to help students reinforce complex concepts or subjects. Remember that primary school students need more attention and care than high school students.

Interest & Passion:

Last but not the least, the tutor you choose must be really passionate about his or her area of interest. The relationship between a student and tutor have shaped the course of history, and much has been said about it already. As a parent, you should do a first-level evaluation of the tutor by interviewing him or her and checking his or her track record. 

Use Search Engine:

Finally, check out which tutoring site is popular just not on search engines for keywords such as home tutor near me, find home tutor, find me a tutor, find a private tutor near me, but also that having the most positive reviews and score with user-ratings and experience.